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Keith Davis, NWT Public Information Officer.

Fall Nationals
Thanks to the many NWT who hosted the 130th Nationals. They were: 1st Michigan, 1st South carolina, 19th Michigan and the 21st Michigan. With a very professional Bruce Miller in the tower and NWT experience scattered throughout the range, this was one of the better run nationals! Well done NWT host teams! On the shooting side of things, NWT members and units were well represented bringing home those precious national medals. On the individual side, congratulations to Kasey Bowser of the 111th Ohio for winning her very first individual medal as she took home a 2nd place 100 yard musket medal in the Stryker Class. You never forget your first . . . . . . medal! In the team events, of the few teams left who were not hosting, a couple came home with some well deserved hardware:

7th Tennessee:

1st Place Musket, Class A-3

111th Ohio:

2nd Place Breechload, Class A-1

4th Place Carbine, Class A-1

2nd Place Musket, Class A-1

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter. Start casting those bullets to get ready for the 2015 NWT skirmish season. As soon as the date for the NWT Spring meeting is established, I will post it here on the NWT web site.

It was a perfect weekend for the 2nd annual skirmish at Columbiaville, Michigan and the final NWT skirmish of the year. The men and women of Battery C did a great job of hosting the final NWT skirmish of the year and with Mother Nature cooperatiung, made for a fun-filled skirmish weekend. Normally, shooters like a calm day but a little breeze from Mother Nature on Sunday morning would have been a blessing as the lack of wind coupled with the sun angle made it very difficult to see any targets. There was a lot of contortions and unique off-hand stances of people trying to see if their targets had been hit.

The Carleton 2014 skirmish went off without a hitch as Skirmish Director Harold Sanford kept the ground show running smoothly and Jim Roman kept control in the tower. The range was in surprisingly good shape seeing how it received over four inches of rain earlier in the week. Anytime you mention rain and Carleton, it usually does not end well but thanks to a dry August, the range was nice and firm.

Here are the shooting highlights of the weekend:

The 111th was clicking on all cylinders as they shot a remarkable time of 292 seconds for the carbine match. In Class A-2 carbine, Battery C came through with their first 1st place medal of the year. And in Class B-1 carbine, the 111th and 1st Michigan have traded first place medals throughout the season.

In smoothbore, it was nice to see a total of 13 teams competing and first place went to the visiting 110th Ohio aka Redmen.

In musket, the Huron Rangers claimed their first 1st place medal winning Class A-3. Ms Cindee who farmed in with the Rangers was invited back anytime she wants as she hit 3 of the 6 100-yard tiles. BTW, this is her first year skirmishing and will hopefully be one of many fond memories.

This sets up some close races for the NWT Championship going into the last regional skirmish of the year. One in particular is in Class A-1 musket where the 1st Michigan holds a very slim lead over the 7th Tennessee for second place. Get your guns and bullets ready for the NWT finale as Battery C is hosting again at Columbiaville. There will be Friday individuals and as Jim Weber likes to say, “bring your money”.

It is fitting that the annual Band of Brothers skirmish was hosted by volunteers much like what Ron, Don and Carl Walters did serving the Northwest Territory with many years of honor and distinction. The three brothers epitomized the word volunteer through their service to their country and years later to the NWT and N-SSA. To all the volunteers who helped host the 2014 skirmish, we gratefully give you a BIG round of applause for your outstanding effort. I think we had a little divine intervention from the "Band of Brothers" as the weather cooperated for most of the weekend. Once again, Peggy Edwards-Shaw organized another great NWT Picnic with tables over-flowing with delicious food. This was Peggy's last year organizing the picnic and we give thanks for her 20 years of service. If anyone would like to step up to the "plate" and volunteer as Picnic Coordinator, please contact Chuck Kindle. On the shooting side of things, it was great to see all of the NWT teams in attendance.

A few of the outstanding performances include: 19th Michigan taking 1st Place in Class A-2 Carbine; 1st Michigan E&M taking 1st in Class A-3 Carbine; the 111th Ohio A-Carbine team shooting the 4-inch tile in 28 seconds; and the 7th Tennessee A-Musket team clearing the moskeets in 42 seconds. Have you noticed in two of the three regional skirmishes, a B-team has won 1st Place in smoothbore? At Laingsburg-1, the 111th B-team took 1st in Smoothbore and at Laingsburg-2, the 1st Michigan B-team took home the honors. All Laingsburg-2 results have been posted to the NWT web site. We have a few weeks off until the next regional skirmish at Carleton hosted by the 8th and 21st Michigan. Send your team registrations to Skirmish Director Harold Sanford at your earliest opportunity.

A great weekend was had by all who attended the 49th annual Defiance skirmish. Mother Nature cooperated by only dropping a little rain in the early morning hours before the shooting started and she also provided a nice cool breeze. There was a nice mix of teams from the Northwest as well as the Midwest regions and a few shooters from the 17th Virginia. As far as the competition, Jim Roman and the sharpshooters of the 21st Michigan proudly shot their way to a 2nd place finish (1st in the NWT) in the carbine match. This is the first time they can engrave their name of the Robert W. Trost Memorial Carbine trophy. The highlight of their shooting prowess came on the moskeet event with a blistering time of 27 seconds and this time bested the teams from the Midwest Region. When the 21st Michigan was moved to Class A-1 carbine prior to the season, Jim told me he did not think they would have a chance at a medal. After two NWT skirmishes, they are two-for-two! Well-deserved congratulations to the 21st! Next on the agenda is the all-volunteer skirmish at Laingsburg the weekend of 26-27 July. If you can make it on Friday to help set-up the targeting and range, it will be greatly appreciated. They will also need many of us to safety a relay or two during individuals.

The NWT Skirmish Season got off to a great start with it's season-opening match at the Lansing Muzzle-Loading Gun Club outside Laingsburg, Michigan. The skirmish was hosted by the 4th Michigan and 14th Tennessee who performed flawlessly the entire weekend. Unlike the Spring Nationals, Mother Nature cooperated this weekend thereby contributing to a fun-filled skirmish. It was great to hear the sound of a Revolver Match with the 1st Michigan taking 1st Place with an impressive time of 82 seconds. Making its debut was a beautiful new Smoothbore Trophy donated by Battery C and named in honor of Mike Yeck.

Next up on the agenda is the 111th OVI Defiance Skirmish the weekend of July 10-12. There will be Friday individuals and a mortar match on Saturday afternoon after smoothbore. Looking father ahead, don't forget that the Laingsburg-2 skirmish to be held July 26/27 will be a No-Host aka Volunteer skirmish. Any and all able bodies who can make it to the range to help set-up on Friday will be greatly apreciated.

129th Spring Nationals
The 129th Spring Nationals were brought to you by the letters "F" and "M". The "F" stands for Flash Flood which occurred early Friday morning. The "M" stands for Mud, Muck and Mess that was left behind after the flood. For those who were camped in Areas 4 and 5, this will be a nationals that will be remembered for a long, long time. It started Thursday evening around dinner with a few strong showers but quickly transitioned to a gentle rain for the next few hours. Later on that evening, the rain turned into a steady downpour and about 2 AM, Back Creek started rising fast. The Provost was sent out to tell everyone in Areas 4 and 5 to bug-out to higher ground. About 3 AM, the flood started in force and quickly filled the lower valley. Those who stayed behind were witness to one of the worst floods in recent memory. The water filled the lower area with several feet of water from the "Y" in the road at Racoon Roughs all the way to the back area and from the creek all the way over to the 110th Ohio. About the only camp site not affected was the 14th Tennessee. They were just high enough that the water stopped before entering their site. Campers started floating toward the creek, cars were turned around, chunks of asphalt were pulled up from the road and slammed into parked vehicles, canopies and tents wrapped around trees and a U-Haul trailer was sent down-stream and wedged under the main bridge. By Friday morning, the creek started to subside back within its banks but left behind a muddy mess. As a result, all of Friday's activities were cancelled to include Revolver, Smoothbore, Breechload, Mortar and the All-Star match. With a lot of volunteers, the staff was able to get the range in "shape" to resume the Saturday schedule. Boots were highly recommended for anyone going down-range to hang targets.

Now on with the shooting results! Although much of the team events were cancelled, they were able to get the carbine and musket matches in and the NWT came home well represented with many medal winners. In Carbine, the 111th A team finished in 3rd Place in Class A-1 and their B-Team brought home a 4th Place medal in Class B-1. Helping the 111th B-Team were Keith Montressor, Missy Huntoon and Tom Cherry.

In Musket, the NWT had several units come home with medals. 111th earned a 5th place medal in Class A-1; 19th Michigan earned a 5th Place medal in Class A-3; 14th Tennessee earned a 6th Place medal in Class A-3; and 1st South Carolina earned a 12th Place medal in Class A-3 Last but not least, congratulations is extended to Mike Lauer of the 111th Ohio for winning the Senior Skirmisher; he won it with an impressive score of 182-1X. Congratulations to all the medal winners for their achievements and to all who survived the flood. Now on to the NWT skirmish schedule; see you at Laingsburg the weekend of June 20th. Please, NO Rain!

2014 Season
Have you had enough of Ole-Man-Winter? Do you miss the smell of Black Powder? Is your trigger-finger getting a little antsy? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, don't fret as the 2014 Skirmish Season is just around the corner. The NWT Meeting took place this morning which is a sign of good things to come. If you have not done so already, it's time to fire-up the lead pot and crank out those bullets you will need for the season. The invitation for the first NWT Skirmish of the year at Laingsburg (June) has been posted to the web site along with the August Carleton Invitation. Laingsburg will be hosted by the men and women of the 4th Michigan and 14th Tennessee and there ae no entry fees for the teams of the NWT so you do not have any excuse for missing this one. For those teams hosting a skirmish in 2014, send me your approved invitation at your earliest convenience so I can post them to the web site. In the next few days, stay tuned as I will be posting the region's team classifications as approved by the membership at the Commander's Meeting.

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