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Keith Davis, NWT Public Information Officer.

128th Fall Nationals
Perhaps the most astonishing development at this fall’s nationals was the weather. It was wonderful; warm days, cool nights and no rain at all. It was perfect for shooting and three of our NWT unit’s took great advantage of it to bring home medals.

Musket: The 14th Tennessee garnered a 4th Place in A-3 Musket and the 7th Tennessee a 7th Place in A-3 Musket.

Carbine: The 4th Michigan medaled in 4th Place in A-3 and the 14th Tennessee won again with a 7th Place in A-3.

Smoothbore: One of our “northern” Tennessee teams won again in the smoothbore match with the 7th finishing in 2nd Place in A-2. Start casting for next season…it’s only seven month’s away as the 129Th Spring Nationals is set for 14 - 18 May 2014!

It was the NWT’s first skirmish at the Columbiaville, MI Gun Club and it proved to be a winner. The new location for the traditional season-ending skirmish hosted by Battery C had expansive camping, fine food service and a covered ready area that came in handy with Saturday’s frequent cloud bursts. Again, the 111th OVI showed its prowess by winning the A-1 Class and B Class in the carbine match with the 14th TN coming in first in Class A-2. The smoothbore match followed and the in the unclassified match the 111th B team came in first and their A team second with the 1st Michigan in third. Sunday dawned cool and clear and perfect for the musket match. The skillful 111th won the A-1 Class; the 14th TN the A-2 Class; the 24th MI the A-3 Class and the 111th struck gold again in Class B. On a separate note, host team Battery C presented veteran skirmisher Rich Cross with the coveted Bob Scheele Award for overall sportsmanship. We look forward to many more years of skirmishing at the Columbiaville Gun Club. Now, on to Winchester and the 128th National Competition!

2013 proves another big year for the 111th The five-skirmish NWT season is now concluded and the regional awards were distributed at closing ceremonies at Columbiaville. Once again, it was a big year for the 111th OVI who swept the awards: MUSKET A1 111th OVI; A2 21st MI; A3 24th MI; B 1st MI CARBINE A1 111th OVI; A2 14th TN; B 111th OVI SMOOTHBORE (unclassified) 1st 111th OVI A; 2nd place 111th OVI B; 3rd place 1st MI A

Carleton Aug 2013
The 7th Tennessee and 5th Michigan/Huron Rangers staged a great skirmish loaded with events and aided by unusually fine weather at the Carleton Gun Club. Saturday started with a revolver match won handily by the 4th Michigan Infantry. The 4th then showed its prowess with the Henry rifle as they won the breechloader match. The Carbine Team matches followed and the 111th OVI won the contest with the 1st Michigan pushing them all the way. The 14th Tennessee finished first in Class A-2 and the 111th OVI won again in Class B. The smoothbore match followed and once more the 111th OVI showed it’s skill and depth by finishing first in the A team class and first in the B team class. Sunday dawned clear and bright for the musket match. The sun rising in the east and in the eyes of all did little to slow the steamrolling 111th as they won the five-event musket match with the 1st Michigan in hot pursuit. The 14th Tennessee won in Class A-2; the 1st South Carolina in Class A-3 and the 1st Michigan in Class B. Our next and final skirmish of the regional season is at a new location and we’re eager to see what the Columbia, Michigan Gun Club has to offer.

See the N-SSA on “Shooting Sports USA” September 18, 8:30pm EDT on The Outdoor Channel

NWT Championship
Heading into the final NWT skirmish for 2013, there are a few very close races for the NWT Championship medals in carbine, musket and smoothbore. In Smoothbore, 1st Mich Co. A is in 4th place and only 13.8 seconds out of 3rd behind 7th Tenn Co. A and the 7th Tenn is only 9.2 seconds out of 2nd place behind 111th Ohio Co. B. In Class B Carbine, the 1st Mich is 17.4 seconds out of 1st behind the 111th Ohio. In Musket Class A-3, the 24th Michigan is 21.5 seconds out of 1st place behind the 15th Virginia. Good luck to the teams at Columbiaville and make every shot count.

Laingsburg-2 Jul 2013
The 19th Michigan Infantry did their usual superior job hosting this second skirmish of the season held at the Lansing Muzzle Loading Gun Club. The weather was unseasonably cool and overcast as competition began on Saturday and the expected rain arrived just as the carbine team match began. The thunder and lightning caused a 45 minute suspension of the match and soaked cardboard forced the elimination of the second event. When the action resumed, the 111th OVI ran away with the match; besting the nearest competitor by over 200 seconds. The 14th Tennessee finished first in Class A-2 and the 1st Michigan in Class B.

The smoothbore match followed and again the 111th OVI shined through the raindrops with their B team beating out their A team by 20.8 second to claim the gold. The 7th Tennessee finished third and the 1st Michigan won in Class B.

After an evening of food, fun and fellowship at the annual NWT Picnic, Sunday brought threatening skies once again for the musket match. The cool and often misty conditions did little to slow the steamrolling 111th as they won the six-event musket match that included both the widely dreaded moskeets and a stake. The 14th Tennessee won in Class A-2; the 24th Michigan in Class A-3 and the 1st Michigan in Class B. It’s hard to believe the season is half over … on to Carleton!

Items of Interest
There are two items of interest to bring to your attention. First, Battery C's skirmish is being moved to a new range at Columbiaville Michigan. Thie skirmish invitation and directions to the range have been posted on the NWT Web site under Schedules & Maps. Second, the TV Show "Shooting USA" will air the latest N-SSA edition for your viewing pleasure. It will be broadcast on Sept 18th at 8:30 PM on The Outdoor Channel. Footage for this program was filmed at the Spring Nationals. Take advantage of the free publicity and spread the word to your friends, neighbors and particulary to anyone who may have further interest in joining the N-SSA.

Defiance Jul 2013
With the recent seemingly never-ending rain, the sky parted and sun bore down on Defiance for the 111th's annual skirmish. The range was in surprisingly good shape and there were some cool evenings when one actually had to pull up a blanket. There was a good mix of teams from the NWT, Midwest and a few individuals from outlying regions. The carbine match came down to the wire in a very close match between the 1st Michigan and the 110th Ohio. Going into the last event, the 1st Mich held the slimmest of leads as they were were less than one second apart. In a close moskeet event, the 110th eeked out the victory by approximately 10 seconds. The 8th Michigan had a very good day and took first place in their classification. They has some help by picking up Jim Hiler from the 17th Virginia but Harold Sanford and the boys did quite well on the moskeet event as hot-shot Harold got two of the five moskeets. The Smoothbore match was impressive with 13 teams competing. The 7th Tennessee "B" team came away with an impressive time taking 2nd place (top NWT team) and just trailing the 110th in 1st place. In the three SB events, Mike Rouch did not miss a single shot.

On Sunday, the temperature started to rise but that did not deter the 16 musket teams. Jim Weber tried a new ammunition twist on the pigeon board. His ramrod broke while loading and he shot the six-inch piece at the board. As Jim's luck would have it, it hit the board but missed all of the clays. During the clean-up, Cowboy found the piece of ramrod and this will certainly be a great conversation piece around the camp fire. In Class A-2, the 19th Michigan took 1st place closely followed by the 21st Michigan. In Class A-3, the 24th Michigan finished in 3rd place taking top NWT honors.

Next on the agenda is the Laingsburg Skirmish on July 27-28 hosted by the 19th Michigan. Schedule of events and entry forms are posted on the NWT web site under the Schedule & Maps section.

Laingsburg-1 Jun 2013
Many thanks to the 15th Virginia and the 24th Michigan for hosting the kickoff skirmish for the 2013 NWT season. It was a great weekend to start the season and even Mother Nature cooperated. The stats are now being posted to the Current Standings section of the web site. Note: For the season totals, the time for the stake event has been subtracted from your team time. The stake event does not get included in the season totals; they count for the skirmish results but not the season totals.

In the outstanding performance category, Mike Lauer shot a 50-1X in the 50 yard musket category and did not miss a breakable target during the musket match on Sunday. Throughout my shooting career, I have only witnessed that happening on a couple of rare occassions. Congratulations Mike, that one deserves posting on your gun room wall.

Next on the NWT calendar is the skirmish at Defiance. There will be Friday individuals and a mortar match to end the day on Saturday. Breakfast (sausage gravy/biscuits) and lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there!

127th Spring Nationals
It was the 127th Spring Nationals but based on the weather, you could not tell. One day it was cloudy and cool and the next day it was sunny and warm. Either way, it it is always fun at Fort Shenandoah. On the shooting side of things, there were a few notable performances.


111th OVI, 5th Place, Musket Class A1

7th Tennessee, 12th Place, Musket Class A3


1st Michigan, 4th Place Carbine Class A2

On the non-shooting side of the nationals, the NWT had a couple of individuals recognized during opening ceremonies on Sunday. Dave Mandy of the 15th Virginia and Bruce Welther of the 24th Michigan received their 50 year pin which is quite an achievement. From being a competitor to holding office within the Northwest territory to National Skirmish Director, Dave has made significant contributions to the N-SSA and we are glad he calls the NWT his home. To get an idea of how things have changed over the years, just ask Dave about the price of powder and caps back in 1963. Congratulations Dave! Carlene Trost of the 111th OVI received a Certificate of Appreciation for her many years of beautification to Fort Shenandoah. Next time you drive into the Fort and see the flowers planted beneath the N-SSA sign on Chalybeate Springs Rd as you enter the grounds, you will see some of Carlene's work.

Now we start the regional shooting events with Laingsburg on the agenda the weekend of Jun 15th. Check the Schedule & Maps section of the web site for the invitation and maps to the range. The 15th Virginia and 24th Michigan would like to see everyone at Laingsburg!

2013 Season
The 2013 Spring NWT meeting is currently scheduled for Sunday, March 10th beginning at 11 AM at the Washtenaw Sportsman Club. If you have any agenda items for the meeting, please submit them through your Unit Commander to Dave Mandy at your earliest convenience. If you are a committee chairperson, have enough copies of any reports available for each unit and the NWT Board. The 2013 NWT Skirmish Schedule has been posted to the web site. As the host teams develop their invitations and schedule of events, please e-mail a copy so I can get it posted to the web page.

2013 Team Classifications
The carbine and musket team classifications are now posted to the NWT web site and can be found under Current Standing (Season Totals or Current Standings/Unit Classifications. These are the 2013 classifications as approved by the member units at the NWT meeting held several weeks ago. In addition, the June 2013 Laingsburg invitation has been posted the the Schedule section of the NWT web site.

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