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Keith Davis, NWT Public Information Officer.

124th Fall Nationals
A chill in the air, the falling leaves, black walnuts hitting the top of your camper, colors changing on the hills, pumpkins covering the hillside of the Virginia Farm Market, the smell of campfire smoke wafting through the campgrounds, these are all memories of the Fall classic better known as the Fall Nationals. Nowhere else can you get all this wrapped into one beautiful weekend. Other memories include sitting around the campfire, some wrapped in blankets, others sipping their favorite beverage and then suddenly awakened by the latest fashion attire of Schooley. A trip to Virginia in the Fall is unlike any other skirmish we attend. Now on to the results.....

The Northwest Territory was well represented at the Fall Nationals and many came home with medals to showcase their accomplishments. Twelve different teams came home with well-earned medals. They are:

Revolver: 4th Michigan, 3rd Place, Class A-3

Smoothbore: 5th Battery, 1st Place, Class A-3

Breechloader: 4th Michigan, 3rd Place, Class A-2; 111th OVI, 2nd Place, Class B

Carbine: 111th OVI, 4th Place, Class A-1; 5th battery, 5th Place, Class A-3; Huron Rangers, 7th Place, Class A-3

Musket: 111th OVI, 2nd Place, Class A-1; 1st South Carolina, 4th Place, Class A-3; 5th Battery, 6th Place, Class A-3; 8th Michigan, 9th Place, Class A-3; 111th OVI, 7th Place, Class B

Congratulations to all the teams and individual shooters earning medals. It is a significant accomplishment to earn a medal while competing against the ranks of all the teams from across the association. Well-done Northwest Territory!

NWT Fall Meeting
The NWT Fall Meeting will be held at the Washtenaw Sportsman's Club on October 30th beginning at 10 AM.

The last NWT skirmish sure went out with a bang! It was a huge success thanks to the monumental effort by Jim Weber, Battery C and several volunteers as they had to battle terrible range conditions. Mother Nature only made their job ten times harder than normal but it was a smoothly run skirmish that went off without a hitch. Thank you Batt C for hard work and dedication and we are all very appreciative.

Now on with the results! The 111th won the Class A-1 carbine match in a time of 296 seconds. They completed the moskeet board in a very fast time of 31 seconds with only four missed shots. 19th Michigan won the Class A-2 carbine match with their first 1st-place medal of the year. In a very tight match, the 111th B carbine team beat the 1st Michigan B team by a mere 7.6 seconds. In the Class A-1 musket competition, the 111th came out on top in a tight race with the 1st Michigan. The 1st Michigan musket team came on strong the last few skirmishes and gave a welcome challenge to the 111th. 7th Tenn won the Class A-2 musket by a wide margin in a very impressive performance. The Class A-3 gold medal goes to the 8th Michigan.

Now it's off to the Fall Nationals which are one of my favorites as the weather is cool, the changing colors are beautiful and the competition is always hot.

Stay tuned to this news section for further announcements regarding the NWT Regional Meeting to be held in late Oct.

Many thanks go out to Jim Roman and his crew from the 4th and 21st Michigan for a great skirmish at Carleton. Much work was done by the crew to get the range ready and this included fogging the range on three different days to rid the place of mosquitos.

The shooting conditions were near-perfect and made for an exciting weekend at the range. The 1st Michigan and 111th Ohio battled all weekend with the 111th taking the carbine match and the 1st Michigan taking the musket match. The 1st Michigan musket team shot extremely well for their five events and came home with a well-deserved win. At the end of the weekend, the two team's carbine-musket agg scores were only 10 seconds apart. This will set-up a nice finish to the season as they are only separted by 97 seconds going into the last NWT skirmish. In Musket Class A-2, the 7th Tennessee won their first regional match of the year in convincing style with a 126 second margin of victory. In musket Class A-3 Battery C holds a slim 17 second lead for the regional championship. Since they are hosting the final skirmish of the year, this assures them of the Class 3 Championship.

Speaking of the final regional skirmish, the invitation is now posted on the web page. As Jim Weber pointed out last week, you don't have to pre-register your teams in advance; if you desire, you can register at the skirmish. Jim has only one requirement, bring LOTS of money! One other item for the final skirmish, if anyone is available to assist Batt C with range set-up, target prep, safety duties, etc, they will welcome and appreciate the assistance. See you at Carleton on 9-11 Sept!

The Defiance skirmish went off without a hitch; a liitle hot during the day but cool enough at night for a comfortable sleep. There was a nice representation of teams visiting from outside the region to include the 110th Ohio, Union Guard, 19th Indiana and the 2nd OH. In addition, Jim Hiler and Father were visiting from the 17th Virginia.

This was the first year in Defiance history where individuals were held on Friday and a number of competitors took full advantage. Friday individuals will become a regular part of a Defiance skirmish weekend. Some of the weekend highlights include a 50-2X in 25 yard smoothbore shot by Lonnie Smith of the 110th OVI. Greg Ogden won the Shoot-N-Aces by placing a shot within the very small box on the playing card. And the Union Guard captured a musket medal competing with only 5 shooters. Another notable achievement was the 5th Battery Class-2 musket team had the second fastest musket time for the day. Many thanks go out to Kevin and Donna Coney for running the kids BB Gun program. They had two teams with some pretty good shooting and the smiles went from ear-to-ear when they all received their medals during Sunday's opening ceremonies. These kids are the future of the N-SSA! Next we are off to the second skirmish at Laingsburg the last weekend of July. Don't forget, Saturday night at Laingsburg will be the NWT picnic so check the skirmish invitation for your meal assignment. Let's hope Mary Deneau brings her baked spaghetti.

The first NWT skirmish of the year went off without a hitch at Laingsburg; great job by the 8th Mich and 14th Tenn. With the talk of possible rain, everyone knows what can ahppen to the ready area and camping area when we get a little of that "Michigan Sunshine." Fortunately, the rain never came and we had two beautiful days of shooting. It was great to see the man-in-black (John McLeod) join us for the weekend.

On the shooting side, in carbine, the 111th won Class A-1 and B carbine with 5th battery having a very good time winning Class A-2. In Smoothbore, Batt C came away the winner by 40 seconds over 2nd place. Musket Class winners were A-1: 111th, A-2: 5th Battery and A-3: 111th B. The reason the 111th B team is in Class 3 is they were the only B team and have the option of moving up to Class A-3. With only 1 B team, there is no medal awarded.

The next NWT skirmish will be Defiance the weekend of 8-10 July. There are a couple of noteworthy schedule changes for Defiance. For the first time, there will be Friday individuals from 2 to 5 PM. In addition, Kevin and Donna Coney will be having the BB gun shooting for the kids. Hope to see you there.

123rd Nationals
There is so much to talk about regarding the 123rd Nationals. There is the seemingly never-ending rain; the second flood at Fort Shenandoah; the smoothbore demonstration match; and the shooting results. Instead, I will start with the most important of all – the people. There are two very special people to our region and it was good to see Carl Balla and Rich Cross healthy and back to shooting. The two of them spent some considerable time in the hands of doctors this past off-season and they were both back at Fort Shenandoah for the Spring Nationals. Although he was not at the Fort, I am hearing reports that John Mcleod is doing well in his recovery. It appears that all of our good thoughts and prayers are being answered. We look forward to seeing all three of them back on the line at an NWT skirmish.

For the second time this year, the Fort was flooded and many camp sites along the creek lost some camping space due to the erosion. Many campers in areas 4, 5 and 6 had to be moved to avoid being flooded or washed down the creek. Although the creek fell back within its banks in time for the competition, many areas including the range remained wet and soft throughout the weekend. But a little “Virginia sunshine” never stops us die-hards from driving hundreds of miles to throw a little lead.

In the team competition, medals and well deserved congratulations go out to:

Smoothbore: 1st Michigan Vol. Inf., 1st Place Class A-3; 14th Tennessee Inf., 4th Place Class A-3

Breechload: 4th Michigan Vol Inf, 2nd place Class A-2

Carbine: 111th Ohio, 1st Place Class A-1; 5th Battery, 1st Place Class A-3

Musket: 111th Ohio, 6th Place Class A-1; 4th Michigan, 9th Place Class A-2

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Smoothbore Demonstration match as the kickoff event of the Civil War Sesquicentennial. The match consisted of each region putting together their respective all-star team to compete in one event against the other region teams. Chuck Kindle asked that each team in the NWT nominate one individual from their respective team; the eight who were nominated and competed in the match were Rob Trost, Dan Gibson, Dan Greketis, Jim Weber, Jim Zeeman, Hugh McLeod, Bob Anderson and Jim Wooley. The match was held at 8:30 PM with low light conditions but each frame of 32 birds/backer were illuminated by a flare. There were throngs of people watching and cheering their respective team and the shooters could definitely hear the crowd. Our NWT team did not disappoint as they came in 2nd place. Not only are we a good looking region, we can shoot too! Now it’s off to the regional schedule with the first shoot at Laingsburg the weekend of 17 June. See you there!

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