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Q: Are you re-enactors?

A: We are not re-enactors although there are several similarities. Both re-enactors and skirmishers seek to preserve America's Civil War heritage. Both wear period uniforms. The principle difference is that re-enactors recreate camp and campaign life of the period. They also stage mock battles using period drill and tactics and fire blank cartridges.

Skirmishing is live fire period firearms competition. Uniformed competitors compete individually shooting paper targets for score and in team matches shooting at various breakable targets in a timed match.

Q: Can an individual join the N-SSA/NWT?

A: Starting in 2014, individuals may join without any association to a particular unit. The individual will be "unassigned" for a period of one year to familiarize themselves with the region's units and eventually join a unit of his/her choice.

Q: Must a individual join an existing team?

A: If an individual does not wish to join an existing team, they will be considered "unassigned" and will have one year to identify and join a team of their choosing.

For information about becoming a member of the N-SSA, click on the "Join Now" icon or the "Contact Us" link and fill out and submit our easy form.

Q: How do skirmishers get all the equipment necessary to participate?

A: There are many suppliers for all the skirmisher's needs including firearms, shooting supplies, uniforms and accoutrements. When you join an N-SSA/NWT unit, the unit by laws usually dictates the uniform that is correct and the members are always willing to help a new member find the suppliers for all their needs. Many units have gear which they will loan to a new member for a period of time.

Q: What kinds of firearms can we shoot?

A: The N-SSA/NWT has matches for rifle muskets, carbines, smoothbore muskets, magazine-fed repeating rifles and breech loading rifles, revolvers, mortars and cannon. There are specific regulations regarding alterations that can be made to original or reproduction firearms used in our competitions. Many arms suppliers list arms as N-SSA approved which indicates that they are acceptable to compete with. Also, there is an approved list of suppliers and manufacturers for these firearms to solve any doubt.

2003 N-SSA Skirmisher Handbook
The N-SSA publishes a handbook to guide Skirmishers in their N-SSA activities. This handbook is a condensed version of the N-SSA Skirmish Rules, with particular emphasis on the basics of safety, uniforms, and competition in the N-SSA.
To download and print out your own copy, simply click on the above title. It may take some time to download on a slow connection.

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